Warmed Olives 9

Buratta with olive oil and sourdough

Crispy Sourdough Pieces 14

lemon crème fraiche dukkah and truffle *Gluten-free available on request

Chefs Selection of Cured Meats 22

toasted baguette, pepper relish *Gluten-free available on request

Cheese Board 24

Cauliflower Popcorn 16

dragon breath dipping sauce

Popcorn Chicken 17

with chipotle aioli

Crumbed Squid 18

with kewpie dipping sauce

Prawn & Ginger Dumplings 18

House dumplings, chilli relish and bacon butter reduction

Baby Tomato & Mozzarella 14

with basil

Superslaw 16

shredded cabbage, baby spinach, fire roasted corn, toasted peanuts and seeds, peanut butter and soy dressing

Mirin Marinated Prawn 21

pearl barley, mascarpone and mushroom consommé

Halloumi Fries 18

with Lucy's sauce

Makikihi French Fries 11

with aioli (other sauces available, please ask your server)

Mussels & Clams 20

(subject to availability) white wine and cream reduction, bacon and chilli

Artisan Fish & Chips 30

your choice of salt baked red rascal potato wedges or fries, beer battered catch of the day, green dipping sauce, grapefruit powder and salad

Wellington Caught Crispy Skin Catch of the Day 38

French green lentils, cauliflower puree, crispy kale

CBE Beef Burger 29

beef pattie stuffed with cream cheese and bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, vlasic pickles and dragon breath sauce with fries and aioli *Gluten-free available on request

300g Scotch Fillet 42

roast hasselback potato, baby spinach, crispy bacon, caramelised red onions and hollandaise

Pan Seared Crispy Skin Chicken Breast 35

garlic miso kale, almond milk aioli, herb oil

Te Mana Frenched Lamb Rack 40

carrot and hazelnut puree, lamb mince croquette, Jerusalem artichoke *Gluten-free available on request

Coconut Salad 25

fire roasted cauliflower, coconut cream, herbs and spices

Brassica Salad 22

roasted turmeric cauliflower, grains and seeds, baby spinach, labneh, garlic and herb sauce and dukkah *Dairy-free available on request

Eggs on Toast 13

natural sourdough, free-range eggs your way *Gluten-free available on request

CBE Eggs Bennie 21

w/ smoked salmon, baby spinach or chargrilled bacon

Creamy Mushrooms 23

wild mushrooms, cream reduction, natural sourdough, poached eggs with garlic & herb sauce *Gluten-free available on request

Honey Roasted Pumpkin on Toast 21

labneh, mixed herbs, garlic oil and poached free-range eggs *Gluten-free available on request

Add Ons 0

Smashed Avo - 5 Spinach - 5 Mushroom - 5 Salmon - 8 Potato Rösti - 5 Halloumi - 6 Bacon - 6 Hollandaise - 1 Chicken - 6

Coconut Overnight Oats 21

coconut and berry yoghurt, berries and oat milk

Summerset Salad Leaves 21

herbs, Moroccan dressing

Green, Green & Green Salad 22

a selection of super greens and organic brown rice

Banana & Walnut Bread 12

served with whipped ricotta & date and cascara puree

Poached & Charred Pears 10

whipped ricotta & toasted pine nuts

Banana Bread Toast 10

our toasted natural sourdough w/ house preserves

Croissant or Pain au Chocolat 7

limited availability

Sirloin 30

roast hasselback potato, baby spinach, crispy bacon, caramelised red onions and hollandaise

Catch of the Day 30

crispy skin fish of the day, salsa verde with a pea and almond salad

Cinnamon Scroll French Toast 21

with popcorn foam, hazelnut praline and coffee ganache

Blueberry & Ricotta Hot Cakes 21

maple syrup, seeds, grains, cream, seasonal berries and flowers

Coene’s Cookout 25

pork and sage sausage, bacon, mushroom, rösti, natural sourdough, roasted tomatoes, chilli relish and eggs your way *Gluten-free available on request *Can be made vegetarian on request

Creamy Seafood Chowder 29

please ask your server what seafood the team are using today

Chocolate Mille--Feilles 14

Almond and amaretto

Apple Finger 14

Caramelised apples, rhubarb poached\r\nin hibiscus, apple sorbet